Ocean: Submarine Relief and Water Circulation


Ocean: Submarine Relief and Water Circulation

Water is important for life on the earth. It is required for all life processes, such as, cell growth, protein formation, photosynthesis and, absorption of material by plants and animals. There are some living organisms, which can survive without air but none can survive without water. All the water present on the earth makes up the hydrosphere. The water in its liquid state as in rivers, lakes, wells, springs, seas and oceans; in its solid state, in the form of ice and snow, though in its gaseous state the water vapour is a constituent of atmosphere yet it also forms a part of the hydrosphere. Oceans are the largest water bodies in the hydrosphere. In this lesson we will study about ocean basins, their relief, causes and effects of circulation of ocean waters and importance of oceans for man.


Our earth is the only planet in the solar system which has…

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