The Paperwallah 2014 Mains Question Analysis – GS Paper-2


The pattern of question in GS-1 and GS-2 was totally new and caught everyone by surprise. New pattern…a total break from the past…all of it called for recaliberation of strategies.

GS-2 had 20 questions in total, each of 12.5 marks; world limit 200 words for all questions. All this hints at the fact that, more than ever before , time was of essence. One cannot waste precious time by attempting questions which one does not know much about. ‘Beating around the bush’ strategy to get the 1-2 marks( for questions one had no idea about) was a strict no no in the two GS papers today.

GS Paper-2 in particular stressed the immense need to study The Hindu thoroughly on a daily basis without fail. Moreover the new trend reconfirms the fact that now one has to read from a wide horizon – The Hindu, Frontline, high quality books…

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